Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel Installation

At Create Solar we don’t just have a passion for the solar energy industry, we want to change how things are done. For us that means using a customer-centric approach that goes beyond installing solar panels on your home or business (although we’ll do that, too.). We’ve taken to calling our unique approach the CARS program. And it works.

Here’s how:

Stage 1 — Consultation

At Create Solar our first step to solar panel installation always begins the same way: With a thorough consultation. Headquartered in Kelowna, we have successfully completed a variety of both residential and commercial projects throughout the Okanagan. Professional and friendly, our team will answer any questions you may have during the consultation and provide you with a clear step-by-step account of what you can expect from the process. Transparency is among one of our most valued principles. As a result, we believe that surprises are for birthdays and that each consultation should leave you with a firm bottom line.

Stage 2 — Assessment

If you are planning a custom build and interested in installing a solar energy system, our team of consultants can assist you during the design phase. Not only will they provide a thorough assessment of how much solar energy you can install, they will recommend the most compatible systems for your home, as well as provide you with expert advice on how to maximize your home’s design to get the most out of your solar panels.

For those who are living in an already-built home, we begin by assessing how much solar energy you can install without exceeding your home’s full capacity. This step is completed by our team of expert consultants using state-of-the-art GPS imagery software. We use this tool to perform a radiance test that will help us determine critical design information such as what part of your roof receives the most sunlight hours, whether or not there are any trees or buildings casting a shadow on your roof, and how much your electrical panel can handle.

Stage 3 – Rendering & Presentation

Once we have performed our assessment it is time to create a 3-D digital rendering of your home. This will tell us where the best location for your solar panels is and how many we will need to install to achieve the desired result. In addition, we will provide you with an evaluation of your 25-year ROI, which includes a thorough pdf document presentation for your records. Using straightforward language we will walk you through the benefits of your investment so that you know exactly how long it will be before it pays off.

Stage 4 – Specs

Along with your presentation and digital 3-D rendering, we will provide you with specs of the products we use. This includes warranties, building materials, and other valuable information. After that, we will even provide you with an app that tells you how much power you’re using on a daily basis.

At Create Solar, we don’t just encourage renewable energy – we create it.

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